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'Night' by lorelei

premiered on 'Home and hosed' on Triple J on the 14th of june by declan byrne


"It's keeping that dreaminess alive. It's also got that crunch and drive that really got me hooked on Lorelei. If you're a hatchie fan you're gonna love this. It's got that lofty aesthetic. There's a bit of sadness beneath the surface...The pace is right on, i love it."

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Emerging from the halls of Mazzy Star and the Cocteau Twins, Lorelei are the now of dream-pop. A quintessential duo, it’s pop meets punk and dark meets light. To borrow from another great: it’s a tear that will hang inside your soul forever. 

Following on from the diaristic ‘Decay’ and the slow-burning ‘Pale’, their upcoming single ‘Night’ further solidifies their name as an up-and-comer in the space of grainy modern dream-pop alongside the likes of beabadoobee, Soccer Mommy, Alvvays and Hatchie.

Two musicians from two distinctly different backgrounds, Lorelei was born of a chance encounter, good timing and a predestined compatibility when Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy were introduced one night at a party. Receiving a welcome swarm of support from radio, streaming services and fans alike, each new release has mirrored the progression and growth of the two artists behind a singular project.

'Some people exist in the middle, and some people reside in the extremes of life. Sometimes in the blackout of night, we become more electric than ever.' - Claudia Schmidt on Night


“Deep dream pop that feels drawn out, reflective and absolutely beautiful. I could lay in this space for a lifetime. I'm getting a bit of Lana Del Rey energy from it too.” - ★★★★ Claire Mooney, triple j unearthed


“An achingly beautiful one from Lorelei. It's got old Hollywood drama all over it, but tinsel town has been subbed out for a share house in inner Sydney that smells like cigarette smoke and burned bridges.” - ★★★★ Dave Ruby Howe, triple j unearthed  


“this is thick but floats serenely by. it's a cumulus cloud that i'm happy to lie down and just stare up at.” - ★★★★ Declan Byrne, triple j unearthed 

“Constructing a warm, reverb-soaked world with singer Claudia Schmidt’s vocals enmeshing with wavy synths, it’s clear that Lorelei are more concerned with creating a lingering impression, rather than something fleeting.” - Life Without Andy

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